Alfie turned five today and told everybody he had grown, as he was now five. He does come out with some funny things at times. He was helping me to plant seeds a while ago and I said to him “have you got plants in the greenhouse at school?” He replied “we have a blue house in the playground”

20130505-081431 PM.jpg

He has had a lovely day, keeping very fit with all the bouncing and he has his party tomorrow to look forward to as it’s at one of those big ball parks. Then Tuesday it is his sisters birthday so I will see her after school, this is a busy month for birthdays in our family.

I have sorted my plants and seeds so will be doing some gardening tomorrow as it is supposed to be very nice, so I think a sit in the garden with a book or even doing some writing in the sun will be in order.

Do not forget the sun cream tomorrow folks, that feels good to say that lol x

20130505-082433 PM.jpg


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