What a glorious start to the day, sunshine and warmth. I so want to get out in the garden and plant seeds, do weeding and just sit with the sun on your face. It feels like so long ago we had the sun, I miss it so much and always seem to feel a bit better when you can feel the warmth.

I promised myself last night that I would have a day of writing, so begrudgingly I sit at the desk for two hours and am amazed at how the words are flowing from my mind, is that because of the sun and wanting to be outside or am I just having a writing “moment” what ever it is I know I am pleased as I have written nearly 1,500 words. Also finished a short story, you can clap if you want. Lol.

I am now going to sit in the garden and have an ice cream, my treat for being work orientated.

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