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2013, I have not really thought about it in any detail, it is just another year? BUT, that is not what some people are thinking, they look at it from a different point of view. I guess this depends on if you are superstitious and do not walk under ladders or throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder if you spill it. Does everybody have a lucky number? Is it really lucky or just a number they pick every time because they like it? Do you travel on the 13th? What about Friday 13th in 2013? Will you travel at all in 2013? If it meant I was going on holiday I would travel on any day but some people are not taking the chance, are they right? What do you think? Is 2013 going to be un-lucky for some people or is that just the way it goes, not everyone can have good luck, times or fortunes.

The car industry was not expecting to sell as many cars this first half of the year as the number plate would be 13, I was surprised because I had not even thought about the year at all. I guess we all have our lucky rabbits foot, item of clothing, numbers or things we do. Do you always pick the same lottery numbers? Does it just make us feel better if we pick our lucky numbers? Some people work out systems and change the numbers weekly, I do not think it matters what you do as it is just luck if you have the same numbers that come out, no prediction, system or anything else can make you win the lottery. It sure is fun trying and dreaming though.

Have you read your horoscope today? Did you avoid the joins in the pavement as you were walking to work? Hope you did not open your umbrella indoors or break a mirror as that would be 7 years bad luck! What about seeing a black cat. There are numerous superstitions that some people believe in, does it all mean something? Or are they just superstitions that have been carried down by each generation. Do you consciously do these things or are they habit as you were taught them when you was a child? I had to think about this and I think the things I do are habit as I will walk under ladders as long as there is not a pot of paint balanced up there. I do not ever put shoes on a table as my Nan would always say something about that, also I never open an umbrella. I do not even think when I say these things to the grandchildren!


What do you think?

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